Gender Quiz


This is an AI project that will try to deduce your gender based on statistics and unrelated questions. Support Computing Science at Simon Fraser University and take our quiz! So far we have gotten 16188 participants.

By The Transducers

The Questions

1) What's more important?

2) What is the Matrix?

3) Who let the dogs out?

4) Finish this sentence. "I could really go for a...

5) What's a better colour?

6) Do you like monster trucks?

7) What's the better cola?

8) Does fuzzy logic tickle?

9) Would you like fries with that?

10) Which best describes your philosophy?

11) Do you love eggs?

12) Do you think mankind will encounter aliens in your lifetime?

13) What is more awesome?

14) Isn't this whole thing kind of ridiculous?

15) Sushi is raw fish, hey?

16) What's the better TV show?

17) Is this question worth asking?

18) Isn't it too cold in here?

19) Is violence ever the answer?

20) Does the sequence '543210' appear somewhere in the digits of pi?

21) What's the capital of Uzbekistan?

22) What was the best thing before sliced bread?

23) Think of your favourite food. If I stuck it in a blender, liquefied it, and then offered you some, would you drink it?

24) What's the best way to administer caffeine?

25) Did you have a beer last St. Patrick's Day?

26) Do you think dandelions are annoying?

27) Are you good at Scrabble?

28) Compare apples to oranges.

29) What's the superior gaming company?

30) What would you rather do for an exam?

31) If corn oil comes from corn, where does baby oil come from?

32) Are you smarter than those of the opposite sex?

33) Can computers think?

34) What's a better writing implement?

35) Do you eat the red ones last?